WakeupCondition class hierarchy

WakeupCondition extends Object and provides several subclasses to group wakeup criterion

Class Hierarchy


WakeupAnd( WakeupCriterion[] conditions )
WakeupAndOfOrs( WakeupOr[] conditions )
WakeupOr( WakeupCriterion[] conditions )
WakeupOrOfAnds( WakeupAnd[] conditions )
javax.media.j3d.WakeupCriterion ... Activation, AWTEvent, ElapsedTime...

Active behaviors are triggered by the occurrence of a specified one or more wakeup stimuli.
The wakeup stimuli for a behavior are specified using descendants of the WakeupCondition class. The abstract class, WakeupCondition, is the base of the all the wakeup classes in the Java 3D API hierarchy. Five classes extend WakeupCondition, one is the abstract class WakeupCriterion, the other four allow the composition of multiple wakeup conditions in a single wakeup condition.

A behavior object's wakeup condition can be specified as one of the specific wakeup criterion or as a combination of criteria using the wakeup composition classes.