Some Demos

MacOSX Interface


EarthBrowser is an easy and intuitive program to let you get a “hands on” experience of our earth. Current weather conditions and forecasts, real-time earthquake notifications, current cloud cover and webcam images from around the globe make EarthBrowser more than just a 3-D model. The constantly changing information in EarthBrowser makes it a unique tool showing that the earth is truly alive.


Explore vast geometric worlds inhabited with beautiful shapes in constant motion. Your tranquility experience is customized by our TQworld net-servers creating thousands of visual and audio elements. No two games are the same, and all games are designed to fit your playing style. As it is in real life, achieving tranquility is a challenge. You’ll need to use your mind, your heart and soul to navigate the game, but you’ll be rewarded with a calming sensation that lasts long after you play.


File system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies. It supports a full range of file system actions, such as copying, labeling, creating new folders, and ejecting disks.3DOSX was developed using Cocoa and Carbon routines to gain access to the file system, and OpenGL for display. The “cool” part of 3DOSX is the new paradigm of computing interfaces that it represents. While there is admittedly a ways to go before 3DOSX becomes as quick and clean as the current Finder in terms of workflow efficiency, we feel that the user experience will in time lead to a better way of interacting with files. A lot of what 3DOSX is based upon could be called “eye-candy”, but one must explore the program’s features to truly appreciate what it can do for the average user. 3DOSX is the first, the only 3D filesystem browser that doesn’t suck.

Atom in a Box

Atom in a Box is an application that aids in visualizing the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of quantum mechanics. Unlike other tools in this category, this program raytraces through a three-dimensional cloud density that represents the wavefunction’s probability density and presents its results in real-time (over 48 frames per second on the latest hardware).