Polygon Attributes

The PolygonAttributes object defines attributes for rendering polygon primitives. The polygon attributes that can be defined are: * Rasterization mode - defines how the polygon is drawn: as points, outlines, or filled.
* POLYGON_POINT - the polygon is rendered as points drawn at the vertices.
* POLYGON_LINE - the polygon is rendered as lines drawn between consecutive vertices.
* POLYGON_FILL - the polygon is rendered by filling the interior between the vertices. The default mode.* Face culling - defines which polygons are culled (discarded) before they are converted to screen coordinates.
* CULL_NONE - disables face culling.
* CULL_BACK - culls all front-facing polygons. The default.
* CULL_FRONT - culls all back-facing polygons.* Back-face normal flip - specifies whether vertex normals of back-facing polygons are flipped (negated) prior to lighting. The setting is either true, meaning to flip back-facing normals, or false. The default is false.
* Offset - the depth values of all pixels generated by polygon rasterization can be offset by a value that is computed for that polygon. Two values are used to specify the offset:* Offset bias - the constant polygon offset that is added to the final device coordinate Z value of polygon primitives.
* Offset factor - the factor to be multiplied by the slope of the polygon and then added to the final, device coordinate Z value of the polygon primitives.These values can be either positive or negative. The default for both of these values is 0.0.