Official CG lecture textbook

A really good introduction book on CG at large.
Second Edition, 1997 / ISBN 0-13-530924-7

This lecture is mainly inspired from that book, the main difference is that we will explore the same concepts in Java, when the author did it in Fortran and C

From quite trusty source, it looks like that book is the one that has been used Visual Python developer Guido van Rossum to develop the software graphic pipeline of VPython!


An all new one, with a part on Java3D.

Computer Graphics

A reference on that subject.
Second Edition, 1993 / ISBN 0-201-12110-7

3D specific.
Third Edition, 2000 / ISBN : 0 201 39855 9

Game oriented.
First Edition, 2001 / ISBN : 0201-61921-0

Very practical one

Java 3D

An introduction book to Java 3D. Not really good, but at least, it exists.

A large part of that book is on user interface principles and on their categorization. The second part only is on Java3D

Copyright: 2002
Format: Paper, 266 pp.
ISBN: 0-13-034076-6


First Edition 2002 / ISBN : 1-58450