Lecturer : Pascal Vuylsteker

E-mail : pascal.vuylsteker@anu.edu.au or pvk@vuylsteker.net

Diploma Background :

  • Physicist Engineer

  • Masters in Computer Graphics (DEA)

... But no special diploma in English speaking

Work Background : Internet site manager

You will find on my CV that I have learnt Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Prolog, Java, Shell... that is right, but what I have been really using during the last years was Perl !

http://www.ina.fr French Audiovisual (Broadcasting) Institute

http://www.vrarchitect.net Open source tools to help web site production

http://www.ina.fr/Imagina International Conference on Computer Graphics

Conclusion : a mix of Physics, Computer Graphics, Internet ... and Maths !

Plus... Contact with France ... Project opportunities ?

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