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Slide 1 : 1 / 4 : COMP1710   Tools for New Media and Web

COMP1710   Tools for New Media and Web

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In this course you will gain some general knowledge about New Media and practical knowledge too, mainly associated to the Web (format, organisation etc), and for instance QTVR.

What is QuicktimeVR ?

It is one of the tools that allows to broaden the scoop of your images

A bit of Javascript too.

You will have a first look at programming, through the discovery of JavaScript.

As an example of what you could do with Javascript, press the 'n' key on your keyboard and a little script will open the next page where you will be able to see a QTVR in Action.

Slide 2 : 2 / 4 : An simple example of QTVR

QTVR or "how to go from a simple ..."

... to a set of ...


and then ... (press the 'n' key again)



Slide 3 : 3 / 4 : ... to a stiched image

... to a stitched image ...

... and then ... (press the 'n' key again)

CARREFUL : There is a subdirectory to explore/print : images