COMP1710 : Laboratory 2

A small Web Site

1. Objectives

In this lab, you will create a set of web pages with different features in them. These will be linked together in such a way that from the user view point there will be a home page and a set of pages that one should be able to access one after the other.

2. Tasks

2.0 Task 0

Access to

And or any of the proposed in

Check that you know everything about HTML :-)

Create a subdirectory LAB2_Uxxxxxxx

Remember to always give a title to any web page you are writing (element "title", within the "head" element)

2.1 Task1 : Creation of a web page

Use your favourite text editor. Create a new file in which you will copy the template proposed in the lecture.  Save that file in the LAB2_Uxxxxxxx directory, with the name demo.html.

Using the following tags Hn, P, UL, LI, FONT, OL, DL, DT, DD, HR, PRE, BR, A, and various attributes (bgcolor for the tag BODY etc) you will create a page that looks like the following model. Note that there are 3 links in that page. One is towards your lab home page that will be created in the next task. One is towards the last part of the page (If you want to see the effect, you may have to make sure to add enough content to the page to make it long enough, for instance in the definitions part)

Model of the Demo Page

2.2 Task2 : Creation of a web site

You will create at least 5 other HTML pages as stated in Task 0. These pages will have a default background, a title in the heading and a least a title in the body and some text. Please use your imagination

All the pages in the lab work should have at the bottom your first name, surname, a mail link to your ANU email and a link to the Home page (index.html).

All links should be relative links.

In addition to those common links, the Home page should provide a link to every pages in your work.

Every 'text' html page should point to the following one. Note that story1/text1.html should point towards a paragraph at the end of story2/text1.html.

The overall hierarchy produced is presented below :

Structure of the web site

2B Tasks for experienced web heads

If you have created web sites before, please discuss with your tutor what you will do for this lab to get your 3 marks, so you can also learn something.

3. Conclusion

After this lab, your are now able to produce a basic web site !

4. Extra work

You may try to includes images (tag IMG) in your work, but be careful of the size of the images : the complete site should not be more than 200 kB (you can do a Get Info on the folder to find out the overall size)

5. Summary to get 3 marks for this lab session