COMP1710 : Laboratory 5 : Images on the Web

1. Objectives

In this lab, you will manipulate images, insert them into HTML pages, create an imagemap and generate an image gallery. Don't lose your time, as there are lots of things to be done. Keep some time to organise your submission, as the method will be different from previous weeks : you will "publish" your work on the intranet this time.

NB. The space quota on parth (the machine on which you will upload your work) is of 100MB. Make sure that none of your labs is more than 10MB ! Check your quota regularly. Do not delete nor modify any of your lab between the time you sent your submission mail and the end of  the semester (Each file contain the information about the last modification date/time).

2. Tasks

2.0 Task0

Make sure you have read all the online lecture notes, and especially, the one about Images

As usual now, create a directory named LABn_Uxxxxxxx  where you will put today work. Include an index.html file that will link directly or indirectly to all the html pages you will create. There should be a link to that page in all the pages you will create. There should be your name and a mailto link to your email at the bottom of all your pages.

Choose some pictures to work with from the photographs available on "The Oracle" (afp:// appletalk server) in the directory COMP / COMP1710, and then either "Lab5 Images" or Images of ANU campus ...". Copy them into a directory on your desktop (These files will be deleted when you log off). Of course, fill free to work with any other images instead (yours ...).

2.1 Task1 : Prepare a picture with Adobe Photoshop Image Ready

Open your image

Menu File / Open

Enhance your image - See the movie

Play with different menus from the Image / Adjustments choices. Start with automatic adjustment and then switch to the manual ones if you are not satisfied with the automatic result.Have fun. But don't play too much : there are still lots of things to do.

Crop your image - See the movie

Crop it to show only its interesting part or to change its meaning.

Resize - See the movie

Resize your image such as its largest dimension (width or height) is no more than 600 pixels.

Compress your Image - See the movie

Select the file format that suits your image. Use the Zoom tool to examine the artifacts, play with the different compression parameters. Save one compression of your choice.

2.2 Task2 : Put your image into a HTML page

See the lecture notes, make sure to use all the attributes proposed for the img tag.

2.3 Task3 : Use Image Ready (or whatever tool you want, for instance, Dreamweaver ) to create an Image Map

You have seen enough detailed videos, so for that task, just use the following clues. Think about adding the "title" attribute to each link in the image map, as Image Ready doesn't include them. Provide at least two different links from your image. Save the work in a different HTML file from the original.

floating manu   

2.4 Task 4 : Create a photo gallery with Galerie (Freeware)

Prepare a set  of images. Put them into a directory on the desktop. There may be some issue in working with files over the network. That is why you have to copy the data on the desktop. At the end, remember to copy your produced work back into your document directory (LAB5_Uxxxx..) otherwise you will lose it when logging off.

You don't need to work with iPhoto to use Galerie, but it is designed to work in good harmony with iPhoto :

Feel free to work the way you want (you may enter the comments from within Galerie too, and use the name of the files as the title), but your submission should include a gallery of  photographs with the different parameters set appropriately : name of the gallery, link back to the home page of the assignment, name and some comment to some photos (especially the first few which are the one we will check:-)).

You may want to use another photo gallery generator. A powerfull multiplateform one is for instance JAlbum :

3. Conclusion

After this 5th week, you should be able to put lots of image in your web sites.

4. Extra work

Look at the Galerie documentation and modify some template to create you own style of Gallery. This is one part of what will be asked for the assignment. If you download some additional Template, or if you want to use your own, you have to tell Gallerie where they are, trough the preferences pane.

5. Summary to get 3 marks for this lab session

N.B. : For more information about the uploading and access to partch/liskov server, please consult and

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   >  ssh's password:  your passwd here 

partch:~> cd public_html
partch:~/public_html> ls
partch:~/public_html> unzip
   creating: LAB5_U4032266/
   creating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/
  inflating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/back.gif
  inflating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/background.gif
  inflating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/forward.gif
   creating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/fullsize/
  inflating: LAB5_U4032266/testweb/fullsize/2004_04_17_10.02.20.jpg