Assignment 06 Marking Scheme

Parts and values are reported in FAIS in the comment field. Part that are reported are the one that are missing. The mark is generally 3 per task minus the missing parts

Example : for task 01CDrom : 'Ab' , means -1 (for A) and -0.5 (for b) : So mark would be 5 -1.5 = 3.5

NB. : There is no negative mark for a given task

Example : for Task 20Content, I check 5 potential issues, even if the mark is on 4. So both 4 or 5 issues would be 0. It means too that you could have one thing right and yet got 0 for a given task.

Eventually. I am starting marking one student per group and will duplicate the marks to the second student after I mark all the assignments.

NB. : Note that whatever the labs, assignment, exam mark ... A general scaling of the final mark may be applied (across all the student marks) after the examiner meeting to adjust some difference of marking between lecturers within the Department.

Task Part Va Detail
01CDrom : on 5 A 1 Index file (with student email, ID, link to web site)
B 1 log file : sources
C 1 List of tasks
D 1 Directory structure
E 1 Anything else that troubles me : size of the submitted CDrom ...
F 1 individual list of Task for Group project
20Content on 4 A 1 General Content
B 1 Link/Summary page
C 1 Original Content
D 1 Mission Statement
E 1 What are the "goals" (between 3 and 5) of this web site
F 0.5 All pages title looks the same
21CSS A 1 Use of CSS
B 1 Should not use Table or other trick like that one
C 1 Good looking, coherent design accross the web site
22Javascript A .5 Some Javascript
B 1 Form Validation working
C 1 Something else
D .5 Some comments in the code
23Form A 2 Normally 3 different type of field. -1 if only 2, -2 if only 3
B 1 Some validation submission (the validation is checked within 2Javascript)
24Photos A 1 20 photos
B 1 A galerie type of presentation / integration of the template with the rest of the site
C 1 Comments and/or titles
25ImgMap A 1 Exists
B 1 3 links
C 1 labels
26Video A 1 Exists
B 1 at least 1 title and one transition
C 1 Is inlined
27Pano A 1 Just one pano (image or QTVR)
B 1 2 Pano with links
C 1 Quality of the stitching/cleaning
28WebMap on  2 only A .5 Exist
B .5 Is well balanced
C 1 has links
29Menu on 3 A 1 is there
B 1 Home + some chapter
C 1 Signature (email)
D 1 Coherence on all pages
    + 2 in advance bonus
30Submit   0 Yes, in time
    -3 per day late
40Extra   +1 to +3 lecturer bonus