Using Sound


·       [demarey+]’s Categorisation: The use of sound can be based on the following factors

o     Music     

o     Voice

o     Feedback

o     Notification


·       Sonification uses sound in stead of, or to complete, visual data.


·       The simplest sonifications are the simple mapping of some aspect of data to an auditory parameter such as pitch/loudness.


·       Blattner calls musical messages “EARcons”.


·       Earcon mappings are purely symbolic. EARcons can combine to form compound EARcons. So if A=file, B=delete actions, then AB means deleting a file. EARcons can be used to support visual representations.


·       Gaver’s Auditory Icons.


·       Generally used for feedback and (background) information. They are metaphoric or iconic in nature – grounded in reality, not arbitrariness. (eg delete sound when emptying recycle bin). They can be used to supply information about unseen data.