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"Generic 3D Ball Animation Model for Networked Interactive VR Environments"

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Title: Department of Computer Science Seminar
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002
Time: 4:00 pm to 5:00pm
Venue: Room N101, CSIT Building [108]
Speaker: Mr Hugh Fisher (DCS, ANU)

Flight Simulators In A Mathematical Space Abstract

Hugh Fisher has been collaborating with Dr Julie
Tolmie at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver on the
development of a visualiser for abstract mathematical
structures with dynamic variation over time. The program
is built on SGI Performer, a 3D toolkit heavily used by
flight simulator and Disneyworld entertainment authors.
The seminar will cover the project goals and experience
with using Performer and Python, but not the maths.

"Modeling Human Ecosystems with Agents"
Pascal Perez : 30th of October (30/10)

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Npsnet (Latifur Rahman)

CAVERN (Cesar Martinez)

Scaling a shared virtual environment (Tristan Reeves)

Today (20/09) :

Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting (Vanessa Newey)

Augmented/Mixed Reality (Latifur Rahman)

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Update : Whenever possible, you SHOULD use multicasting instead of Broadcasting !

Dynamic Shared States (2)

Reading : Chapter 5 of "Networked Virtual Environments ..." (Singhal and Zyda)


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