NVE : Research paper presentation

Assignment 2 : Introduction to research : half of the course

Students will make an in-class presentation based on readings and independent research on a Research Paper.

To illustrate the paper, you will have to point to one or two other research papers : they could either explain the context of the studied paper or illustrate some other position to the same issue.

During the presentation and in the lecture note, you have to explain the context of the paper, extract the main idea and then explain the difficult part of it. After your presentation, anybody should be able to read the paper straitforward and to fully understand it


cd .. (go to the directory in which your 03IVRA1_UstudentID  is located)
tar cvf 03IVRA1_UstudentID.tar 03IVRA1_UstudentID/

gzip 03IVRA1_UstudentID.tar

Mail the file (03IVRA1_UstudentID.tar.gz) as an attached document. Be sure that the title of your mail is '03IVRA1_UstudentID''