Sources and Thanks

The data presented in those pages are of course based on many sources that you could reach from the links part of this web site, but the more important sources are...

The book "Networked Virtual Environments / Design and Implementation"
by Sandeep Singhal and Michael Zyda / Ed : ACM Press, Addison-Welsey and Michael Zyda Web Site

Le traité de la réalité virtuelle
By Philippe Fuchs, Guillaume Moreau, Jean-Paul Papin
Préfacé par Alain Berthoz, Professeur au Collège de France

Enriching exchanges with Markus Buchhorn <>, in charge of the Grangenet Project at the Computer Science Department (ANU) and with Sam Taylor, Ex Phd at the Computer Science Department (ANU)  and now working at Nokia (England)

Collaboration with the rest of the eScience Team