Comparison of the network protocol alternatives

Because most of the time, design of NVE is more about choosing which protocol for which data...

Protocol Strengths Limitations Net-VE characteristics


Guaranteed packet delivery

Ordered Packet Delivery

Packet checksum checking

Transmission flow control

Ubiquitous, with many firewalls supporting outbound connections

Only supports points to points connectivity

Bandwidth overhead

Packet may be delayed to preserve ordering guarantees

Virtual environments having relatively small number of hosts and limited data requirements

Typically used in client-server configuration, and over public Internet

Relatively easy for the programmers



Packet-based data transmission

Low overhead

Immediate delivery

Nearly Ubiquitous, but firewalls are often problematic

Only supports point to point connectivity

No reliability guarantees

No ordering guarantees

Packet corruption possible

Virtual environments having higher data requirements; used in both client-server and peer to peer configurations

IP Broadcasting

Same as UDP, except simultaneous delivery to multiple hosts

Same as UDP,except scope limited to local networks

Small-scale peer to peer net-VEs with high data requirements and time sensitive data delivery needs

IP Multicasting

Same as IP Broadcasting except efficient Internet-wide delivery

Same as UDP, except only available from / to Internet hosts connected to the MBone

Large Scale peer to peer and client server net-VEs, particularly over the Internet