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The paper of the year 2006 at siggraph !
connexion between a Nikon D1 or D2(00) and a GPS
Geocode Images and Create Google Maps or Export KML/KMZ Files to Google Earth
GPSPhotoLinker: Overview
GeoSpatial Experts - GPS-Photo Link
gpslog + timestamp + post synchronisation GPS Community Forums - Connecting GPS to Nikon D200 Digital Camera
Connecting GPS to Nikon D200 Digital Camera
GeoSpatial Experts - Link Digital Camera Photos to GPS
Jeff Hicks
mapping of geotagged video
ExifTool by Phil Harvey
Ricoh announces “new” GPS-enabled digital camera - GPS -
GeoSpatial Experts - Ricoh Pro G3 GPS Camera
Geomatic Photography
The Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera was announced in November 2005. It can, like its bigger brothers the D2X, D2H and D2Hs, be connected to a GPS receiver and automatically embed location data in photographs
Surveylab - The home of ike - Who is ike?
GPSPhotoLinker: Overview
GPSPhotoLinker can be used to save location and GPS position data to a photo. The latitude and longitude recorded by your GPS unit while you were taking photos can be linked, and saved, to the photos. GPSPhotoLinker automatically enters the city, state, a
Geomatic Photography » Nikon Cameras and GPS Receivers
Nikon D200 Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review
Opsis-Digital Imaging Applications Expert
photoGPS interface allows you to connect your Kodak DC290 cameras to ANY GPS and add coordinates and UTC time and date in your pictures.
(camera - gps - old)
GEOsnapper :: GPS Photography
Continuous Computing Blog: The Missing Mobile Device: A GPS Camera Phone
O'Reilly Radar > Digital camera + GPS = Flickr mapping heaven!
Halfbakery: GPS Camera/video
how long the idea of a gps camera had been around ?

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