Open Source JavaBeans TM based programmer's toolkit
Le site-référence des amateurs de géographie
Geography Network
The Geography Network is a global network of geographic information users and providers. It provides the infrastructure needed to support the sharing of geographic information among data providers, service providers, and users around the world.
Digital Spatial Data
computer-based cadastral (land parcel) data
3D Geo-spatial Visualization Building on top of OSSIM and OpenSceneGraph capabilities, osgPlanet is a rapidly evolving project for accurate, high performance, 3D Geo-spatial visualization
GPSBabel - convert, upload, download data from GPS and Mapprograms
Croquet Project
Shared telepresence of large numbers of people
FlightTrack home page
Visualisation of gps tracklogs
Planet Observer
Welcome to MapServer — UMN MapServer
an Open Source development environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications.
Source de données géographiques par microsoft
OSSIM from Open Source Geospatial Fundation
OSSIM provides advanced geo-spatial image processing for remote sensing, photogrammetry, and Geographic Information Systems.
GRASS GIS - The World Leading Free Software GIS

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