API's vs Hadopi
Un site de suivi géolocalisé des information twitter
Twingly Microblog Search
Marc L***
A méditer
Wikia Search - A New Way to Search
Viewzi — What are you looking for?
YouTube + Google maps location mashup!
Seero - Putting Video on the Map
Help to improve the referencing of a web site
SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search - Find. Discover. Watch. Listen. Share.
Paul video about sismic activities
Pin in the map - mark a spot; attach text; send to others.
Quick way to create a URL to a location
Google Maps API Tutorial
An advanced introduction to googlemap API
TBK - Digital Panorama Technologie - Aufnahmegeräte (5)
Mashup of SmugSmug and Googlemap
Example of positioning images according to the Exif metadata
The Media Report: 16 February  2006  - Google Schmoogle
Google Schmoogle. Journalist and author Gideon Haigh has written a provocative essay for the latest edition of The Monthly magazine, arguing that when it comes to the way we do our research, Google is making fools of us all.
Flyr - Flickr Geotagged Photo Search
search flickr for geotagged photos
Character animation and occlusion effects in a panoramic world
°°°°°°° THEIR CIRCULAR LIFE °°°°°°°
Google Watch
Create and Share maps, waypoints, paths ...
Twitter Search
IP Video Conferencing | Desktop Video Conferencing | Vidyo
123people.fr | Recherchez des personnes
Viewdle - Search in Video
Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.
Delve Networks
Panoramic video by 360 Cities!
Mahalo.com: Human-powered Search
Figator.com: The Little Search Engine That Can...
Outil de recherche pour la Mule
Virtual Video Map
GMiF - Google Maps in Flickr
See your geotagged photo in GoogleMap
Panning Video by Immersivision
How to use Gmail as your SMTP server - Lifehacker
Google Mail : webmail
AltaVista is a search engine offering general web search, image search, search for audio and video, news search and a translation service.
Panoramic Video Field Test
Google Watch Watch
A critic on the web site that critics google
geobloggers - geoblogger users kicking ass since May 2005
smugMaps: combining the power of Google Maps with 36,000,000+ smugmug photos
Like flickr, but the maps integrated from the begining

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