Web sites of organisations that advertise panoramic image

Panedia Homepage
360icon - Spherical Panoramas of Abandonded Environments
Prague — 360 Cities
panomir.com ~ découvrez le patrimoine toulousain à 360°
La bassine magique
Marco Luethi - From Ultraviolet to Infrared - World Wide Panorama - Full Screen
Example of a multiple portrait done in a panorama
WHTour : World Heritage sites in panography - 360 degree imaging
Welcome to Fullscreen QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality)
Panoramas.dk - Travel Australia - New Zealand virtually | QTVR-QuickTime VR panoramic images
Panning Video by Immersivision
Panoramique - visite virtuelle
etripper.com - vr photo gallery
Original use of QTVR : to produce a photo gallery
QTVRin China
The Homewood
Good example of integration of sound quicktimeVR, Javascript, CSS
Flickr: Photos tagged with autostitch
Flickr tag for autostiched pano
World in Motion VR | Travel round the world with 360 VR photography
Bullet Time type advertisement for Ikea, with transition between different scene
Google Maps Mania: Panoramas on Google Maps
The world in virtual reality - VR city maps. 360 cities - Experience Prague, Moscow, Vienna, Venice, Los Angeles, Belgrade, and Syria.
map.movin360.com - BERLIN-TOUR
Google Earth Panorama
>FromParis - Quicktime fullscreen : Salle de bain
Great example of multiple autoportrait done within a panorama, by Eric Rougier in his bathroom
Evermore Enterprises: Panoramic VR
Visite virtuelle sur le site arnaudfrichphoto.com.
Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR Weblog
One of the main Australia Masters
Panoramas.dk -The French CPE protests in Paris France -Travel - QTVR photo from the best VR photographers
Weekly full-screen QuickTime panoramas and a directory with over 20000 panoramas.
>FromParis - Panoramas, panoramic views, images bank, photographs, Quicktime VR, 360°, free ecards and free screensavers from Paris
The Parisian panograph
The Brisbane Pan Project - Carlngray
The World Wide Panorama
A VR-Photography Event The World Wide Panorama began in March, 2004, and has now become a quarterly series of events. Photographers all over the world are welcome to participate. The rules are simple - photography must be done during a specified time,
Arounder - Milano
>FromParis - Quicktime fullscreen : Lecture
A great example of very intimate panorama // Un super example de panorama très intime
Virtual Canberra: Australia's National Capital
A relatively old site with interactive flash
Faf Acrobase - séquence attero 360
Example de QTVR multiexposition pour un atterissage de parapente

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