Commonwealth Avenue Bridge from the Bridge

Canberra, ACT, Australia

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The Commonwealth Avenue Bridge was build in 1963. Along with the Kings Avenue Bridge, and the Constitution Avenue, they form the parliamentary equilateral triangle, the heart  of Canberra, according to the towns' architect Burley Griffin. The triangle corners are :

Eventually, the angle bisector of that triangle brings you from the Parliament House to the Australian War Memorial.

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Latitude : 35:17:34S (-35.2929)
Longitude : 149:07:38E (149.1271)


Le 22/09/2004 à13:15 ( EST - Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT +10 hours) )

Equipment / Story of the image:

Taken with a Nikon D70 digital SLR, AF-S 18-70 lens at 18mm (equivalent to 27mm), f14 at 1/160 second. Mounted on a Kaidan KIWI-L QTVR Pano Head. Stitched with RealViz Stitcher.
I waited to the last minute during the WWP event. So I got the worst sky of the week, with to dust clouds ...

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