Introduction to Java 3D

What is Java 3D

"Write once, run anywhere"

Of course, this is theoritical. In practice, it is not yet available everywhere

Java 3DTM API on Other Platforms

Java 3DTM Available for IBM`s AIX Platform

IBM has released the Java 3D API for AIX.

HP Licenses the Java 3DTM API!

Hewlett-Packard Company has released the latest version of Java 3D on HP-UX. This brings the Java 3D API one step closer to platform ubiquity. Read the Press Release for more information.

Java 3DTM for the Linux Platform : Blackdown

Blackdown has been working on porting the Java 3DTM API to Linux. For more information on these please their Java 3D for Linux page.

Java 3DTM for SGI IRIX® Platform

SGI has made available a developer release of the Java 3D API, version 1.1.3, based on the Java 2 SDK, v 1.2.2. This now enables customers with SGI IRIX systems to develop and execute JavaTM programs written with the Java 3D API. This software can be used with IRIX® 6.2 through 6.5.


THE Java 3D API is an application programming interface used for writing three-dimensional graphics applications and applets. It gives developers high-level constructs for creating and manipulating 3D geometry and for constructing the structures used in rendering that geometry. Application developers can describe very large virtual worlds using these constructs, which provide Java 3D with enough information to render these worlds efficiently.

Java 3D delivers Java's "write once, run anywhere" benefit to developers of 3D graphics applications. Java 3D is part of the JavaMedia suite of APIs, making it available on a wide range of platforms. It also integrates well with the Internet because applications and applets written using the Java 3D API have access to the entire set of Java classes.

The Java 3D API draws its ideas from existing graphics APIs and from new technologies. Java 3D's low-level graphics constructs synthesize the best ideas found in low-level APIs such as Direct3D, OpenGL, QuickDraw3D, and XGL. Similarly, its higher-level constructs synthesize the best ideas found in several scene graph-based systems. Java 3D introduces some concepts not commonly considered part of the graphics environment, such as 3D spatial sound. Java 3D's sound capabilities help to provide a more immersive experience for the user.