Java Optimisation


Basic Java Optimisation Hints

1. Minimise object creation and use of Strings

Minimise object creation and use of Strings (2)

2. Take a good look at your method call chains

3. Thread synchonisation is expensive

4. Collect your own garbage, with care

5. Use arrays [] for small collections of objects

6. Be afraid of Reflection and Serialization

7. Never ignore Exceptions

8. Go native ... but only if you have a really good reason

Java3D Specific Hints

9. Set up your Canvas3D with care

10. Play by Java3D's rules

11. Collapse chains of transforms

12. Combine behaviours and schedule them for consistent performance

13. Minimise your reliance on collision detection, or do your own

14. Don't burn time in system callbacks / don't try to run everything at full frame-rate

15. Don't be afraid to step outside Java3D

Java 3DTM API Collateral — 1.2.1 Performance Guide

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