From 11 to 12 (23/10/02). Last CG Lecture !

Assignment 2 is almost finished

  1. You read the project, meet each other, design the project
  2. Learn what you need to learn to do the project
  3. Program
  4. Meet again and check that the different classes match together. Test and correction
  5. Documentation + send the result
  6. Sleep well and be ready to present your project

Following Weeks

15 mn presentation of each projects : the 29 and 30 of October

What you both have to say about the project. What is good, what is bad, and what you would have done better with more time or better organisation.

Why Java is such a great choice for you to do that assignment :-)

Does the project looks like what I should expect on that testing machine ?

Some question to check that you have both well understood all of it.

Final Exam Dates

Final exam date confirmed : Thursday, 6 November 2003. AM
Reading: 09:15 / Writing: 09:30  / End: 12:30 / Venue: Sports Hall (Sports & Physical Recreation Centre) [19 ][Map ]

Exam based on

Readings :

CG leaflet : "The Graphics pipeline : Geometric operations"

CG leaflet : "ExtremeTech 3D Pipeline Tutorial"

Near Future :

What about your name on the escience web site ?

The escienceCG group :

Links  : CG, VR, VR in OZ ... :


Student Projects

Revisal, Graphic Pipeline and various subjects

Result of Last Year Exam

Question Time ?


Additional Questions :

8) Oral English

Was the lecturer's command of spoken English adequate for the
presentation of the lecture material?

9) Written English

From the point of view of English expression, were you able to understand
the written lecture notes?

10) Assignment 1

How would you rate the idea of transforming the Assignment 1 into a group assignment ?

11) Intellectual Challenge

How do you rate the standard of difficulty of the course. How challenging is the the proposed material ?