Students Background

From Prerequisites to Assumed Knowledge ... the meaning remains the same : what you should know if you want to understand important parts of the lecture, and have a chance to get a high mark at the exam and at the assignments.


Maths : Linear Algebra, Geometry, Differential equations

Everyone taking this course is expected to have taken courses in both calculus and linear algebra.

The "Advanced Mathematics (T)" curriculum of the Narrabundah College is a good presentation of what you could rehearse.

The sort of mathematical tools we will use during this lecture are the following :

Because "Matrix" is not only a great Film !

But there will be one lecture to remind you of what you need to know


This part is quite obvious but worthy to remind : this is not a course to learn how to use "of the shelves" tools (Maya, 3DS...), but to understand computer graphics and to program computer graphics API (Java3D). So you are expected to know how to program and how to develop an algorithm.

Java or any other C like Object Oriented Programming language

Perl is a good choice :-)

You are expected to be able to design a GUI using SWING and Java2D and to learn Java3D half by yourself, half through summaries of some of its part during lectures and half by doing the proposed exercises. And you are expected to note that there is a mathematical bug in the previous claim.

All projects will be written in the Java programming language. If you do not already know Java, then you are expected to be familiar with at least one of the following programming languages: C, C++, or Pascal and Object Oriented Programming. If you have not seen Java before then you might want to consider buying one of the many primers available on the subject.

A very good introduction to Java is available in the form of the lecture COMP6700 and COMP6442.

And this is a good transition to the slide on books ...