Lecture Organisation

2 hours lecture per weeks + readings

University policy about student workload : 10-12 hours a week

for both GradDip, Masters 3rd, 4th and Honour's students

Lectures will take place in the Seminar Room, (Room N101, CS&IT building).

Wednesday from 12 am (noon) to 2 pm.

2 groups of students

For the first week, find any good book on Java, and Rehearse and then exercise 1

The first lab cession begin tomorrow

3 places to meet

Lab is available. Let's have a list of the students with a generated password

Indeed, that is not totally right : we may happen to use 2 other places
One is already known by gradDip student and that could be used for some lectures with a small number of participants.

Withdraw time : 31 August 2003.

But please do it before ...

A student may withdraw without incurring financial penalties up to and including the census date which is 31 August 2003.
See The Student Enrolment and Administrative Procedures (SEAP) for more details on that subject.