What happens when one clic on a link ?

<a target="windowname"
href="http://machine2/loc2/f2.html#name"> Link Label </a>

Q1 Where is the source file (URL : http://machine1/location1/file1.html or file///location/file1.html) ?

Q2 Window in which it is displayed
"windowname" target attribute => should I open a new window ?
NB. : just don't use pop up windows

Q3 : which protocol (given, or if not => the same as the source file)

Q4 : which machine (given, or if not => the same as the source file)

Q5 : which location (absolute or relative to  the source file)

( A0 : Send a DNS request to convert the server machine name into an IP number )

A1 : Connect to the server machine (where the file si available), HTTP, port 80

A2 : Request the file by sendinding location + file name (second half of the URL)

(A2 bis : send some other information too, like Referer, one's IP number, cookies etc)

A3 : Receive Type MIME + file content

A4 : Parse the HTML :
Look for files included : OBJECT tag (java, video etc) , IMG, tag, javascript file, attached style sheet files
Look for anchor target if specified in th URL (#name)

A5 : Run some javascript
Display the HTML file taking into account the included objects.
Start some included object animation