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COMP1710 : Laboratory 8 : Panoramic images and QTVR

1. Objectives

Create some panoramic images by stitching photographs with RealViz Stitcher, and then include them within a visit proposed on a web page.


2. Tasks

2.0 Task 0 : Usual preparation

As usual now, create a directory named LABn_Uxxxxxxx  where you will put today work. Include an index.html file that will link directly or indirectly to all the html pages you will create. There should be a link to that page in all the pages you will create. There should be your name and a mailto link to your email at the bottom of all your pages.

Important : you should make sure to include a special page named source.html or log.html with the list of media you used in your lab, with the type of modification you have done. Please read the rule about borrowing data in the context of COMP1710 labs and assignment

2.1 Task1 : Stitch your first QTVR

Read and do the 'Introduction' and 'Stitching a Single Row' part of the Stitcher tutorial (have a look at the oracle server, in COMP1710 : Lab8 )

2.2 Task 2 : Include it in a web page

Include the previously stitched panorama as a QTVR movie in a HTML page

Hint : PAGEotX or

2.3  Ghost cleaning

Stitch the Sydney harbour set (data is on the oracle server), erase the following ghosts, and publish the result as a jpeg image within a HTML page. Use two resolutions, one for the inline image, and one for the image you get when you click on the inline image.

Minimal set of ghosts to delete

Hints :

2.4 organise a scene with at least 2 nodes and at least 4 links (2 from each nodes)

There should be at least a way to go from one node to the other (and return), within the same QT viewer, and a way to open a new HTML page (within a different window) with some content connected to the area delimited by the clicked hot spot.

Feel free to use the two previousely generated panoramas. You will have to re-export the harbour one as a partial QTVR panorama.

Or you may want to stitch other photographs available on the Oracle, especially the one from the ANU Campus.

3. Conclusion

You are now able to propose a set of QTVR file, conected together trough hot spots.

4. Extra work

Use a java viewer to display a panoramic image produced with stitcher

Try to stitch some cubic image from the tutorial

5. Summary to get 3 marks for this lab session

This week, you may follow exactly the same process as previous weeks to upload your work, or chose to ftp to liskov to do so.

If there is an issue with partch, you may use iwaki instead.

N.B. : For more information about the uploading and access to partch/iwaki/liskov server, please consult and http://tsg/twiki/bin/view/Documentation/StudentSettingUpWebPages

> scp
   The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
   RSA key fingerprint is c8:ad:18:32:da:37:6f:d5:72:ab:c9:8b:8e:e7:f2:59.
   Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
   Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.'s password:  your passwd here                        4% 344KB   13.7KB/s 09:46 ETA                      100% 8404KB   8.7KB/s   16:01                                                                                                                   100% 8404KB   8.7KB/s   16:01    

   >  ssh's password:  your passwd here 

partch:~> cd public_html
partch:~/public_html> ls
partch:~/public_html> unzip
   creating: LAB7_U4032266/
   creating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/
  inflating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/back.gif  
  inflating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/background.gif  
  inflating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/forward.gif  
   creating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/fullsize/
  inflating: LAB7_U4032266/testweb/fullsize/2004_04_17_10.02.20.jpg