Assessment : 25 + 35 + 40

Assessment is based on 9 laboratories, one assignment and one theoretical exam.

9 Marked Labs (first 1 mark + 3 marks per lab) : 25 marks

Attendance is not required, submission is !

1 Group (of 2) project : Web site to develop : 35 marks

1 Theoretical exam in June : 40 marks

Can bring 1 sheet A4

Note about dictionaries : go and check with  the Examinations office early enough

The Examinations office now have a form which students are required to complete and obtain the necessary permission to use a dictionary in an examination. This replaces the old method of examiners having to print individual letters for students.
Forms are available from the front office counter. Students are required to obtain signature(s) from the relevant examiner(s) then take the completed form together with their dictionary to the Examinations Office. The dictionary is left at the examinations office and returned to the student at the examination. Students need to take their dictionary and approval to the examinations office 24 hrs prior to the scheduled examination.