COMP1710 Tools for New Media and the Web

Week 8 :


To do outside the lectures

Panoramic Images / QuickTime VR

About the assignment

"How and where do I get the informations from ?"

This is what building a website is really about most of the time : collecting information !

Lab 5 and 6

Digression on size of images and objects

200 kbps, 3-5 s ... 75 - 125 kB for the file + all the images

An inline image should never reach the size of 1 MB

Any link that point to something more than 1 MB should see the size announced

Ex download the report (pdf 1.5MB) ... Get the full size image (jpeg 2.3 MB)

Interlaced imaged ... longer time are tolerable

The size is not the only thing ... the number of inline images is important too.

DCS system

on the DCS system (partch, iwaki, liskov) ...Most students will have a quota of 100MB, with a "hard" limit of 128MB and
7 days "grace".

partch issue had been fixed, but remember that you may use iwaki instead, for ftp to liskov