Windows specific

Some original things, patented by microsoft

(Vector mapping ?)

Microsoft DirectX® is a group of technologies designed by Microsoft to allow Windowsbased computers to run and display applications rich in multimedia elements such as fullcolor graphics, video, 3-D animation, and surround sound. DirectX is an integral part of Windows 98 and Windows 2000, as well as Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0. DirectX components may also be installed in Windows 95 as an optional package.

DirectX allows a compliant application to run in any Windows based system, independent of particularities of hardware of each system. In some sense it seems similar to OpenGL; however there is a logical limitation in disponibility as it is a Windows specific component.

DirectX accomplishes its task via a multilayered structure. The Foundation layer is responsible for resolving any hardware dependent issue. DirectX also allows developers to deploy creation and playback of multimedia content via DirectX’s Media layer. A third layer, Component, complets the high level protocol layer stack.

Some VRML browsers also provide a Direct3D based version (as well as the common
OpenGL). A good example is blaxxun’s Contact 4.04