From 6 to 7

Lab : on Friday the 8th of April, between 10:00 and 12:00 in the Ian Ros Building lab (ground floor)

During the break : assignment

Lets's form the 2 remaining groups and complete one

Next Week Presentations, after the break:

Presentation skills

Remember to provide me with a copy of your presentation at least one day prior to your presentation.

27/04 :

Christopher Widdowson N6

Chemboli Srinivas N16

Jin Hyung Seo N8

Darius Powell N15

Begin at 1200 sharp

12h05 : First presentation
12h25 ... 12h30 : Question time
12h30 : End of first presentation
12h35 : Second presentation
12h55 ... 13h00 : Question time
13h00 : End of Second presentation
13h05 : Third presentation
13h25 ... 12h30 : Question time
13h30 : Third of first presentation
13h35 : Forth presentation
13h55 ... 14h00 : Question time
14h05 : End of Forth presentation