IVR papers / COMP6443 / eScience / DCS / ANU (semester 1 / 2005)

Introduction papers

p3) Taxonomy for Networked Virtual Environments (1997)  
Michael Macedonia - IEEE MultiMedia - http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/macedonia97taxonomy.html

p23) The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat
Chip Morningstar and F.Randall Farmer

p41) Playing in the MUD
Michael O'Brien

Multicast Issues for Collaborative Virtual Environments
Hugh Fisher - IEE Computer Graphics and Applications

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Papers to analyse


1 p47) Macedonia, M., Zyda, M., Pratt, D., Brutzman, D. and Barham, P.
Exploiting Reality with Multicast Groups: A Network Architecture for Large-scale Virtual Environments,
in Proceedings of IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications (1995), 38-45. - http://www.computer.org/cga/cg1995/g5038abs.htm
2 p61) Scaling a shared virtual environment
Rodger Lea, Pierre Guillaume Raverdy, Yasuhiko Honda, Kouichi Matsuda
Sony Computer Science Lab. Tokyo, Japan - http://www.csl.sony.co.jp/person/rodger/ICDCS/icdcs2.html

p75) Npsnet: A Network Software Architecture For Large Scale Virtual Environments (1994) 
Michael R. Macedonia, Michael J. Zyda, David R. Pratt, Paul T. Barham, Steven Zeswitz
Presence - http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/macedonia94npsnet.html

4 p105) Using Projection Aggregations to Support Scalability in Distributed Simulation (1996)
Sandeep K. Singhal, David R. Cheriton - http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/singhal96using.html
5 p117) CAVERN: A Distributed Architecture for Supporting Scalable Persistence and Interoperability in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Jason Leigh (jleigh@eecs.uic.edu), Andrew E. Johnson, Thomas A. DeFanti
Electronic Visualization Laboratory - University of Illinois at Chicago


p145) Handling Heterogeneity in Networked Virtual Environments
Helmuth Trefftz 1, Ivan Marsic 2 and Michael Zyda
and 2 CAIP Center, Rutgers University 3 The MOVES Institute, Naval Postgraduate School

p153) Adaptive Networking for Tele-Immersion
Leigh, J., Yu, O., Schonfeld, D., Ansari, R., et al.,
Proc. Immersive Projection Technology/Eurographics Virtual Environments Workshop (IPT/EGVE), May 16-18, Stuttgart, Germany, 2001.  -  http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/cavernpapers/

8 p163) Community Place: Architecture and Performance
Rodger Lea, Yasuaki Honda, Kouchi Matsuda and Satoru Matsuda
Sony Architecture Labs, Tokyo, Japan  - http://www.csl.sony.co.jp/person/rodger/VRML97/PAPER/vrml97.html

p173) Internetwork Infrastructure Requirements for Virtual Environments Donald P. Brutzman,
Michael R. Macedonia and Michael J. Zyda Computer Science Department


p183) Shared Spaces : Transportation, Artificiality, and Spaciality
Steve Benfrf, Chris Brown, Gail Reynard and Chris Greenhalgh

11 p193) EQUIP: a Software Platform for Distributed Interactive Systems
Chris Greenhalgh
12 p203) The Bluec Distributed Scene Graph
Martin Naef, Edouard Lamboray, Oliver Staadt, Markus Gross
13 p213) Adaptive Networking for Tele-Immersion
Jason Leigh+, Oliver Yu, Dan Schonfeld, Rashid Ansari, Eric He, Atul Nayak, Jinghua Ge, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Kyoung Park, Yong-joo Cho, Liujia Hu, Ray Fang, Alan Verlo, Linda Winkler, Thomas A. DeFanti
14 p223) A Platform for Distributed Virtual Environments
Renata Cruz TeiXeira, Otto Carlos M.B. Duarte
15 p239) The Sopranos Meets EverQuest: Social Networking in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Mikael Jakobsson, TL Taylor - Paper presented at the 5th International Digital Arts and Culture
Conference, Melbourne 2003 - http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/papers/Jakobsson.pdf
16 p249) A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Clay Shirky - Online, April 2003 - http://www.shirky.com/writings/group_enemy.html
17 257) GPU Cluster for High Performance Computing
Zhe Fan, Feng Qiu, Arie Kaufman, Suzane Yoakum-Stover

Additional propositions


Long Distance Haptic Collaboration
Chris Gunn, Matthew Hutchins, Matt Adcock, Rhys Hawkins
19 A Peer-To-Peer Message Exchange Scheme For Large Scale Networked Virtual Environments (2002)
Yoshihiro KAWAHARA, Hiroyuki MORIKAWA, Tomonori AOYAMA
20 A Review on Networking and Multiplayer Computer Games (2002)
Jouni Smed, Timo Kaukoranta, Harri Hakonen
21 The Evolution of Multicast: From the MBone to Inter-Domain Multicast to Internet2 Deployment (2000)
Kevin Almeroth