Object-Specialized Prediction

Object behaviour may simplify prediction scheme (more information and constraint).

Choose different order for different type of object (ball, car, human ... )

Motion prediction does not require orientation information to be transmitted.

A plane’s orientation angle is determined solely by its forward velocity and acceleration.

Military flight manoeuvres simulation, The Phugoid model (Katz, Graham)

Land based objects need only two dimensions specified. (NPSNET)

Update packets only specify two dimensions to handle ground-based tanks
The remote host adjust the object’s height and orientation to ensure that object always travels smoothly along the ground

Drumstick position prediction(MIT)

Derivative polynomial approximation + ‘emergency’ message
Emergency message makes the computer disregard its current prediction whenever a sudden change in the drum stick behaviour was detected

High-level state notification (acting)

Desired level of detail - often do not need to be precise with some aspects. Do we have to accurately model the flicker of the flames of a burning vehicle or is it enough to say it is on fire.

The same with smoke. Some VEs need to accurately model smoke, other do not.

Sometimes, remote host don’t need to model the precise behaviour of the entity.
Dancing, firing, etc.
Remote hosts simply need to receive notification of the high-level state change.
These hosts are free to locally simulate the precise behaviour represented by that state.