Web Design Resources I Use
AgencyTool Web Design Dashboard
Le Web 2.0 donne le contrôle aux utilisateurs : poisson d’avril ! [nota-bene.org]
orkut - home
Snipshot: Edit pictures online
AJAX + SVG ... Bientot, nous n'aurons plus besoin de powerpoint ...
Ajax Mistakes
SitePoint : New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers
web development
Quick Online Tips
Some interesting for web20 users
Welcome to ajaxSketch - an ajaxLaunch family application
basic drawing tool with limited functionality but done through a browser (firefox). Saves to SVG format
Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia page on AJAX
MyHeritage - Family and Genealogy
Face reconition, matching celebrity database
DCS Lab Enrollement : Streams
Lab enrolment and management
roxomatic - Furl, Spurl or del.icio.us?
Generally, social bookmarks are understood as bookmarks that allow a public administration. Furl, Spurl and del.icio.us are three well-known services, actually free of cost for the member. What are they able to do?
WebPatterns is a place to discuss, document and collaborate on patterns for web design and development.
Quick Online Tips: Absolutely Del.icio.us - Complete Tool Collection
XML.com: Introducing Cocoon 2.0
Half Bakery
communal database of original, fictitious inventions, edited by its users.
smugMaps: combining the power of Google Maps with 36,000,000+ smugmug photos
Like flickr, but the maps integrated from the begining
Create and Share maps, waypoints, paths ...
microformats | About microformats
Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards
Plazes is a grassroot approach to location-aware interaction, using the local network you are connected to as location reference.
LinkedIn: Home
Social Networking or "Why you should get that job because you know X who knows Y ..."
del.icio.us direc.tor: Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker :: Johnvey
A browsing tool to your delicious tags/bookmarks. Pity it is not Safari compatible // Outils d'exploration de vos tags/bookmarks delicious
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
Web Hypertext Application Technology : HTML5
PR 2.0: Introducing The Conversation Prism
mediatedcultures.net @ kansas state university
A great introduction to the web
Microsoft Silverlight: Light Up the Web
Teapotters Spread your 3D - Teapotters.com
Parte de modeles 3d et previsualisation avec le client 3dlife de virtools
Petites annonces rencontre, espace de rencontre entre célibataires : Pointscommuns.com
Dailymotion - Share Your Videos
Pin in the map - mark a spot; attach text; send to others.
Quick way to create a URL to a location
GMiF - Google Maps in Flickr
See your geotagged photo in GoogleMap
Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or Ajax, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications
Online text processor like Word & WordPerfect
Riya - Photo Search
Flickr + Face Recognition
COMP2410 Lectures
Another course on the same subject than com1710
COMP1710 : Tools for New Media and the Web
ANU COMP1710 Course Home Page. Lecturer in charge : Pascal Vuylsteker
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Video clips to watch.
dog or higher
Sydney Web format expert working at Westciv
Quick Online Tips: post.icio.us - New Tools for Quicker Posts in del.icio.us
Ajax Sucks Most of the Time (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox December 2005)
Flock is a free, open source web browser
smugmug - Gorgeous online albums. The easy way.
liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine
BlogMarks.net : Last public marks
Another delicious, perhaps better ?
GeoURL (2.0)
Add some Meta tags to your web pages and ask for them to be referenced // Rajoutez quelques met tags à vos pages web, et demandez leur référencement
Continuous Computing Blog: Social Machines

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