Data Visualisation, Tree representation (FSN...)

blist | the world's first online social database
MacWarriors 3DOSX
3DOSX is a file system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies
HotSauce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
HotSauce (code named Project X) was experimental software developed by Apple Computer as a sample application of its Meta Content Framework
Computer-generated Visualization
Course on datavisualiasation
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
repesent the network in 3D or visual map | representation du reseau Internet par des cartes comprehensible par des humains
SGI - Freeware - FSN 3D Navigator
Un best of ... vu dans Jurassic Park ! pour visualiser votre system de fichier...
PARC Information Visualization & Interaction
Non-Invasive Interactive Visualization of Dynamic Architectural Environments

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