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PanbScreen is a very simple screen saver developed just to play with Quartz Composer. As a result, it will need MacOSX Tiger (10.4) to run. What it does is to display panoramic images proposed on the Panberra web site :

Panberra : Panorama in Canberra

To get the most recent images from the web site, PanbScreen read the RSS feed provided for each category of panoramic image.

What is new ?

It is already the version 1.1 (7/12/05) !
What is new ? just the requested feature that it should be possible to start the feed of images at random. You just have to switch the following parameter to true.
Random first Image : If set to true, the first image will be chosen at random in the list provided by the RSS feed. That random index will be modified each time the feed is updated (as specified in Safari's preferences : When does the RSS Feed patch in Quartz Composer refresh its contents).

System Requirements:


0) Dowload the the zip package :

1) click archive to open it, if it did not happen automatically.

2) You may want to play a little with that quartz composition by just clicking the Panberra.qtz file to open it  into Quartz Composer

3) If you want that composition to become one of your screen saver, just drag it into one of the following directory :

a) ~/Library/Screen Savers/ (~ is your home directory) if you want the screen saver to be used only by you

b) /Library/Screen Savers/ if you want the screen saver to be available by all your users

Configuration / Parameters:

The parameter you are able to set for this composition are the following :


Screen capture from version 1.0

You may want to create your own RSS feed. Just grab one of the proposed one as an example. As for now, the important field to edit are the "title" and "link" attributes.

Troubles / Bugs:

As the screen saver is downloading high resolution images from the net, it may seem slow to start. Don't worry, it will start eventually. A message inform you about the image title which is being download.

One way to make it faster is to use a local feed pointing towards local images.

Similarly, because the images are cached by quartz composer, when you want to stop the screen saver, it seems that it take some time when lots of images had been cached.


Sponsor / copyleft:

If you enjoy playing with this little tool, you may want to add a link from your web site to mine.

This type of software is called a "linkware".


Pascal Vuylsteker <>

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