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ManyPage has been developed in trying to always optimize the running speed. Sometime, some tricks was specific to some Perl version, and became a difficulty for the following perl version. We have to check if everything is fine now

Empty Objects

Ability to have empty objects, and especially to clear some object. For instance you should be able to place an empty object at the level 0 of a hierarchy and decide to declare it only in the subparts of the hierarchy. Or on the contrary create for instance an object <MP.BUILDING> on the root level that would say something as "Careful, this site is still in the building process" and clear this object in each directory where the work is finished.

Central hierarchy description spreading

In our definition, we need to put a .link file in each directory that contain HTML files. This choice was done in order to cope with very large web sites. In such cases, a central hierarchy file would be too large to maintain. Indeed it would be especially difficult with lots of different webmasters working on it in different parts.

This is sometime painful when the file are well sorted in a directory hierarchy. Our idea was to develop a little script that would write and spread all .link file from one central meta one, put in The father directory. This file would describe all the hierarchy within and bellow its directory.

More than only one 'Src/Docs' root

In version 0.9 you may define only one couple 'Src/Docs' directory, i.e., you can manage only one server's root directory at a time. It is planed that later on, the 'config' file will be able to contain an unlimited list of couple 'Src/Docs'.

All the central configuration in one simple file

We will try to put everything that is in the configuration 'autre_habillage' file into the 'config' file.


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