Some ideas about the way to use ManyPage

Or what you should put in your browsing menus

The main idea of ManyPage is to separate the plain HTML file written by editorial webmasters from the design of the site, that is added by the script. Of course, the added design should not be only graphical stuff but should include useful browsing tools in the form of menus and contextual links. In fact, all this part, which is about web site management should be treated and will eventually be moved into another part of this web site...

The main idea to remind is that one put plain html file with some configuration files to define a template into a Source Directory. If the site should be multilingual then one use sufixe like .en.html and .fr.html (for instance for english and french). It is advised to follow that rule even with monolingual site, one never knows... Then ManyPage mix everything and put enriched file into a Destination Directory.

The general information workflow

The travel of the information, from its collecting to its publishing.

The different ways to browse a web site

How websurfer move around the hierarchy.

The different tools to browse a web site

The different other tools to put in a browsing menu

Because it is not only about moving around up and down...

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