Last Week ...

The Span of Computer Graphics

I forgot One big Movie : ...

And a little One : Gerry's Game

Another GUI not to forget : SGI IRIX® Interactive Desktop

For those who want all the slides on one page ... see the bottom of the page TOC - Print links

My name : Pascal Vuylsteker

Student list (up to date ?)

This week readings

A Summary of Principles for User-Interface Design.

This week exercise : exercise 2 and solution

Lab issue : Java version

Just check by "java -version"

Java 1.4 and Java3D 1.3

3rd and 4th year lab : direct log

The issue was that there are sometime more than one version of Java on the machine and that the default one is not always the good one. It should have been fixed, but if you want to be sure, type java -version ... and if you have still some trouble, just append <to be edited> before any of your java command (this is where Java 1.4 is installed)

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Today ...

What about the Bear ?


Some Maths

Some Demos if time is available ?