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The type of lecture will vary a lot ... see 2002 timetable as an illustration

End of the mathematical description of the first assignment

Description of Assignment 1

About dealing with an assignment

Proposed Timetable for first assignment

What about using code ...

One previous year exam exercise

About previous weeks exercises

  1. Setting up a window (JFrame), writing on it, centring it, resizing it, use of Javadoc, use of Packages, use of different fonts, use od pop up windows.
  2. How to chose a file, load an image, scale it, write on it and display it.
    Second part :  checking that you know how to program recursive functions

This Week

This Week exercise : exercise 3 and just some Tips

Take your image, cut it in different part, drag them around, include some Swing button in the interface and make your first game

This week Reading :



Some Demo to fill the rest of the time ?