• Hypertext + other media

  • Hypertext + Multimedia
    (Apple Quicktime 1991 / Hypercard 1987)

  • Image, Video, Sound, 3D

  • Included or not within the text

  • CR-Rom

Hypermedia, a term derived from hypertext, extends the notion of the hypertext link to include links among any set of multimedia objects, including sound, motion video, and virtual reality.

An extension of hypertext that includes graphics, sound, video and other kinds of data.

Growing out of hypertext, this is much the same thing, but in a multimedia environment, whereby the links may also be in the form of pictures or even of animation or video. The Web is, increasingly, becoming a hypermedia environment rather than merely hypertext.

BTW... What is a media ? ... lots of things ! Try define: media on google :

Media, plural of "medium"; a means (a container or a vehicle) of carrying or communicating information.
Messages that are distributed through the technologies, principally text in books, study guides and computer networks; sound in audio-tapes and broadcast: pictures in video-tapes and broadcast; text, sound and/or pictures in a teleconference.
Films, tapes and other audio-visual materials that require the use of special listening or viewing equipment.
materials such as VHS, DVDs, films, audiotapes and CDs, that require special equipment to be used.
The plural form of MEDIUM.
Material that information is written to and stored on. Digital photography storage media includes CompactFlash cards and CDs.
Forms of mass communication. Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards, bus signs, radio, television and internet are some important media that carry advertising.
Methods of communication. In computers, it refers to the material or device used to store or transmit data.
Specific environments -- air, water, soil -- which are the subject of regulatory concern and activities.
Generic term for elements such as movies, sounds, and pictures.
The forms of publication. Traditional advertising media include newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and television. Digital interactive advertising media started with the Internet, accessed at an indoor computer, but is quickly spreading to television, cellular devices and outdoor locations. Up
Recordable media - blank CD-R or CD-RW discs. Mixed-Mode Disc A compact disc including both computer data and CD-DA tracks. The data is all contained in Track 1, and the audio in one or more following tracks. Contrast with CD Extra. MMC A standard command set used by some CD recorders. Many newer recorders follow this standard, though many of them also interpret it differently (so there are still differences in how software must address these recorders, in spite of the standard).
The materials to be printed, such as watercolor papers, canvas, copper, wood veneer, cotton, plastic.
The material in the trickling filter on which slime accumulates and organisms grow. As settled wastewater trickles over the media, organisms in the slime remove certain types of wastes thereby partially treating the wastewater. Also the material in a rotating biological contactor (RBC) or in a gravity or pressure filter.
The documentation of monetary transactions (ie, sales drafts, credit slips, computer printouts, etc.).
The material that performs the separation of solids from liquids.
plural of medium
Generalised term for all types of printing material onto which images are printed including roll, tag stock, continuous, die-cut, and fanfold.
containing nutritive growth substances enabling cells to survive in an artificial environment.
Materials or items that are in a variety of formats other than in print, ie. film, video, audio cassette, slides, etc. Also called Audio Visuals. Microfiche
Any format for information storage that requires special listening or viewing equipment: ie, microfilm, microfiche, videotape, CD-ROMs.
the substance in which an organism, tissue, or organ exists.
The means by which information is distributed such as print, broadcast, CD-ROM, World Wide Web, and so forth.
Content files such as movie cIips, still images, music tracks, or sounds.
In the manual, media refers to members of both the print (newspapers and magazines) and the electronic (radio and television) media.