COMP1710 Assignment : Semester 1 2006

Assignment Marking scheme

Version 1.2

If you are looking for places to work (with the appropriate software installed), there are three labs in total - two in the Karmel Building (2-28 and 2-29), and one more over in the Baldessin Precinct Annex (demountable between Baldessin Precinct and the School of Art).
Also all the open access computers in the School of Art library and the School of Music Library.

Already declared Working Group / Subjects / Student looking for a "binome".

What is new in 1.1

More information on the way to present the submission (See Task1).

What is new in 1.2

Additional information on the way to submit (See 3.0)

ANU Buildings Site or something else

Due on the 19th of May 2006 (week 11)

The Assignment for the COMP1710 course is in the development of a web site, using only client side techniques. As a result, the submission will be in the form of a burnt CD that will contain all the data related to the work. I should be able to copy the content from the CD to any web server and have everything working without having to do any modification.

What you should expect : everything that has been / will be done during the labs (especially the extras) around one subject : one ANU building, or one subject important to you. The idea is not only to demonstrate some technical abilities, but to integrate (in a meaningful way) the different tools you have learnt. If you know a very specific subject you would like to work on, I am happy to listen to suggestion, but it has to be well specified, and your work will still satisfy each and every of the following requirements.

Task 0

The first step of the assignment is to fill in the assignment info form

Task 1 : Structure of the CD Rom

The root of the CD rom should contain 3+2 files and one directory. The directory name will be the name of the Building/Subject and will contain all your work : it is the produced web site. There should be one index.html file in that directory : the home page for the building. The rest of the organisation of the directory is yours to decide.

At the root of the CD rom, the three files should be an index.html, an assignment_tasks.html, and a log.html files. These three files are important for the assignment but not the web site, which should be self-contained in the directory.

The log.html file should describe the list of sources you used for your project and the modifications you applied to them. The origin of the source should be given with enough detail to let the marker access the source whenever it is possible (URL, ISBN ...).
Consult the Fair Use document to understand what is tolerable to do and what is strictly prohibited in the context of this Assignment.

The index.html file at the root of the CD rom will present your work and its meta information. It should contain your full name(s), student ID(s), link(s) to your email(s), links to the Building/Subject index.html file and to your log file,  and eventually whatever feedback you want to give about your project.
The last file assignment_tasks.html should be the list of main developments extracted from Task 2, and linking to each of the elements I will have to check more particularly to mark. For instance, there should be a link to your site's CSS, one to your javascript library, one to one of your forms etc. If you do the tasks listed in Task 2 part, but you do not point to it in this way, I may not be able to find it in your web site ...

Note that I mentioned two 'index.html' files here : one at the root of the CD rom ('Home Page' of the assignment) and one at the root of the building/subject directory ('Home Page' of the building/subject web site).

NB.: Make sure that all your links are based on relative URLs if you want them to work after you have burnt your CD. Also, please check that your file names were not too long and haven't been truncated.

Eventually, there should be two additional files at the root of the CD (accessible from the index.html of the CD). Each file is written and signed individually by one student of the group and describe the list of task that s/he was in charge of, and the way s/he work on those tasks and the work done with the other student of the group. These 2 additional files are not required if you worked on an individual assignment.

When you burn the CD Rom, you are asked to provide a name for that volume. Give a student ID for that name. Then on the the burned CD Rom, write with a pen compatible with that sort of usage, your name(s) and student(s) uID, and the name of the subject (be careful to write on the not usable face of the CD !).

Task 2 : Minimum Set of developments that will be checked for the evaluation of the work

Be careful about the structure of the assignment. You will find here a minimum list of checkpoints. It doesn't mean that you just have to cut and paste your labs to create the assignment : you have to adapt your work to produce an overall meaningful web site. Find for instance a interesting way to use a form in the context of a web site which main subject is a building ...

In the same way, I don't ask you to create completely new content about a building, but I do not want you neither to just cut and paste the matching official web site. You may use existing content, but reorganise it, transform it in a better way. And always remember to "log" the borrowed content.

Don't be limited either by the official web style of the organisation whose building it is. Be original. As soon as your web site present some coherence and efficiency, then the target is reached.

2.0.1 A "Mission Statement" for the web site

If you do not know what it is about, it simply means that you haven't yet read the Chapter 1 of the textbook (Unusually Useful Web Book). It is more than time to do so !

Include that mission statement within the index.html of the CD, not the web site.

2.0.2 What are the "goals" (between 3 and 5) of this web site

Same comment as above.

2.1 A CSS for the web site

You may or not want to use more than one CSS file, but make it in a "Cascading" way : there should be at least one default CSS that will be applied to all the pages in your site. Then you may use some specialised CSS in some subpart of the web site. There should always be a coherence to the different parts of your work.

Use comments in the CSS file to explain the purpose of each style (or group of styles).

2.2 A Javascript library

This will contain the main part of your Javascript development.

It should contain at least a way to validate the next form, an image roll over and at least one other interesting development of your choice (remember to comment it).

Use comments in the Javascript file to explain the purpose of each function. Use comment within big functions code if there is some tricky algorithm to explain.

2.3 A form (at least one)

Make sure to have at least 3 different types of fields and that you apply some sort of validation to those fields.

List those validations in you your root index.html file

2.4 A gallery of photographs

Select at least 20 photographs, from your buildings and from other material. Create a new template (either for Galerie of for JAlbum). It may be easier to use and modify an existing one, but remember to list the original template and to provide the modified one somewhere on your CD.

Apply that template to your set of selected images to produce a Gallery of images, with appropriate comments and title for the images

N.B., by "editing of a template", I really mean editing the template themselves, not just a modification of the parameters of the template. Typically, the gallery should have the same look and feel than the rest of the web site. For instance it should use the same CSS.

2.5 An Image Map

Make sure that there are at least 3 links, with proper labels in your image map.

2.6 One edited video

The video should contain at least one title and one transition. It will be inlined within a web page. Please use your creativity and originality to do something interesting, useful or just funny. Keep in mind that video cameras are not the only source of video.

2.7 Two panoramic images linked together

Create some panorama from stitched images.
Clean the potential ghosts.
Convert your panorama into a QTVR file.
Add hotspots towards the other panoramas AND towards some others pages/media from your web site.

2.8 A "map" of the web site

This page should describe the organisation/structure of the web site.

2.9 A navigation menu for all your pages

We will talk about that aspect during the week 9 or 10 lecture, but you may want to have a first look at the slide that describes what could/should be included in such a menu

2.10 Some real content in relation with the building

The previous elements are just parts of the web site you will design. You will of course have to glue all those elements together in order to form a coherent web site with text and links. There may be as many pages as you want, but make sure to include at least ...

2.10.1 Links / summary page

That page will describe at least the following aspects of the building : Name, Short name, Number, Creation date, number of level, main colour, main texture ...

It should include too a list of outside links related to the building : the official web sites, institutions hosted by the building, etc

Eg. :

CSIT Building main characteristics
Name Computer Science & Information Technology Building
Short name CSIT
Number 108
Opening Date 30/9/96
Number of level 3
Main colour Red
Main Texture brick
Number of entries 5
Official web site
Institution(s) hosted by the building
<Image : Map of the Location>

2.10.2 Some original content

Try to include some original information about the building (not just a copy of what is already available on the ANU web site) : Make it out by yourself.

3.0 Final Task : Submission of the work : 19th of May 2006

The CD of the Web site should be delivered to my office (N241, First Floor, close to the wedge, Build 108, DCS) at the very latest on the 19th of May 2006 between 11:00 to 11:55. If you do so, you will benefit from 2 free marks added to your normal mark (you could get up to 37 instead of the default 35).  You may deliver your submission in the DCS Assignment Box COMP1710 of the room N107 (ground floor) too.

Late submission penalty : minus 3 marks per late day after the 24th of May

For every day late after the 24th, your mark will be decreased by 3. E.g. : submission on the 26th imply -6 on the mark.