COMP1710 Tools for New Media and the Web

Week 5 :


To do outside the lectures


The role of Digitisation

Images on the Web

Question from last week

What is the difference between HTML and CSS ?

Last year comments on last week's lab :

Meaningful title in your web page

different title for the pages with and without CSS

Meaninful name for your class

Not connected to the look of the design you use for your version of the document
.red vs .important     or worse : ".style14"

At least, use comments in your style sheet

Structure the content first ... and then use the structure

<dt class="orange">G'day</dt> vs dt {  }

<i> and <b> are like <font> : they should disapear from your code !

difference between <div> and <span>

Be carreful to your suffix when and save your document

changes.css.txt vs changes.css

<Table align = "center" width = "50%" border = "2" ></Table>  Vs  <hr align="center" width="50%" size="2">  Vs CSS ...