COMP1710 Tools for New Media and the Web

Week 4 :


To do outside the lectures





About Last week lab

Come to the labs prepared ! When you arrive in the lab, you are expected

And ask questions during the lecture if you think you will not even know how to start the lab.

During the lab ...

Do not ask your tutor to fix your issue : ask him to help you to learn how to fix your issue by yourself.


About the labwork itself...

anchor name : no space, alphanumeric characters

You get

  1. a list

  2. with numbers

  3. by using <OL><LI> xsdfsd </LI><LI>sdfsdf</LI></OL> structure

From home to text 1 : valid, but ... <li><a href="../LAB2_uXXXXXXX/story1/text1.html">page one</a></li>

Name Surname : <<a href=""></a>>
sould be &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;

I know when you have been using dreamweaver ...

<a href="file://localhost/Volumes/USERS/page2">page2</a>
Will work only on your machine


&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Back to <a href="index.html">Home Page</a>

A Matrix look and feel : green text on black background...

Where does that come from ?
Monochrome Display : green, orange, and sometime white on black background ...

The defaut configuration on first web browsers was black text on light grey background

One of my lecturers (in Maths !) use to explain to its students that after years of marking exams, he realised that statically, paper written in black on yellow background would get better scores ...

What I learnt from last year lab ...


A Victorian


What a stralian crocodile hunter say when he nearly gets his arm bitten off


An Austrlian word for friend




was your weekend break satisfactory?


A tank top - usually made of blue cotton


salt, from the rhyming slang of Harold Holt (a previous prime minister of Australia)

Bugger Off

Expression of Desire to be rid of a nearby person

A Shout

What stralians call buying the round of drinks at a table. EG: "This rounds my shout".
Also; What a stralian does to a mate thats done something good. EG: "I'll shout that one mate".

The story of the Drop bear

Drop bears are known to hang around in trees in the Northern Territory. They wait around in trees for small animals, such as wombats, to pass under their tree. Then they drop down from the tree onto the face of the animal, ripping it off.


What a 'stralian says when he realises he should be panicking


Similar to a slightly oversized, dangerous koala bear. Often seen by people who believe it is possible to pat sharks.


What women say when they want you to leave them alone but feel guilty

And lots of other Drop bear stories...

I guess I know them now...

As useless (?) web site