From 3 to 4 : 13/08

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Where do you find those 'From x to x+1' pages ?

Everybody has been added to the CG03 yahoo group ... ?

This Week Exercise : exercise 4
(How to draw lines ...   ... or you could have a look at how to read a configuration file)

This week Reading : Chapter 11 : "Three-Dimensional Geometric and Modeling Transformations" of the book "Computer Graphics" (Hearn & Baker) : p 183 to 213

A new link :

Swing Sightings (a collection of good interfaces using swing.) :

Java in the labs

Assignment 1 : Due 9/09/03



What is Copyright ? (AIE Free Seminar)

Date: Thursday 28 August
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Glenn Fiedler (Irrational Games), "Terrain Occlusion Culling ".

10 September 4:00pm - 5:00 pm, DCS, N101


In 3 dimensions, a basis B for a coordinate system given by the 3D vectors V1, V2, V3 posses a propriety called handedness.

Right handed basis <=> Right hand rules <=> (V1 x V2) . V3 > 0

Transformations 3D, last examples ... and what for ?... the metaphors !

or how to get Ry(Beta).Rx(Gama) a different way!!!

The Metaphors

Transformations in Java3D

Display Devices