From 5 to 6 : 28/08

Next Week

Form your Binomial and send me an email with the name/id and email of the two students

Final Exam Proposed dates

COMP 4610/6461 Computer Graphics : First week of the examination period proposed
COMP 6443 Internetworked Virtual Reality : Second week




What is Copyright ? (AIE Free Seminar)

Date: Thursday 28 August
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Glenn Fiedler (Irrational Games), "Terrain Occlusion Culling ".

10 September 4:00pm - 5:00 pm, DCS, N101

This Week

This Week Exercise : exercise 6 first exercise in Java3D : draw a Cube in 3D and explore the View Branch

This week Reading :

Chapter 3: "Output Primitives" of the book "Computer Graphics" (Hearn & Baker) : p 83 to 140

Chapter 15: "Color Models and Color Applications" of the book "Computer Graphics" (Hearn & Baker) : p 564 to 582

Exercise : bring your head back up !

Display Devices


Line-Drawing Algorithms

Java Optimisation