Illumination and Shading


Illumination Models

Two Components of Illumination

Ambient Light Source

Directional Light Sources

Point Light Sources

Other Light Sources

Ideal Diffuse Reflection...

Lambert's Cosine Law

Computing Diffuse Reflection

Diffuse Lighting Examples

Specular Reflection

Snell's Law

Non-ideal Reflectors

Phong Illumination

Effect of nshiny

Computing Phong Illumination

Blinn & Torrance Variation

Phong Examples

Summary of 3 Illumination Models

Putting it all together

What else about illumination ?

Where do we Illuminate ?...

Constant or Flat Shading

Facet Shading

Vertex Normals

Triangle Normals

Normals of Nonplanar Surfaces

Gouraud Shading

Phong Shading

Summary of 3 Shading Models

Phong Shading:

Gouraud Shading Hugo