Global Illumination Models

Physically Based Illumination, Ray Tracing and Radiosity


Usual Graphical Pipeline

Z-Buffer Algorithm

Path Notation

Path Notation (2)

The Rendering Equation (à la Kajiya - Siggraph 86)

The Rendering Equation (à la Kajiya - Siggraph 86 - 2)

Revisiting Phong's Illumination Model


Better Illuminance Models

Cook-Torrance Illumination

Microfacet Distribution Function

Geometric Attenuation Factor

Fresnel Reflection

Fresnel Reflection Equation

A Plot of the Fresnel Factor

Energy Conserving Approaches



Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)

BRDF Approaches

Remaining Hard Problems

Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing: History

Ray Casting

Ray Path

Recursive Ray Tracing

Maximum recursion depth

Ray Tracing Architecture

Computing a Reflected Ray

Ray Plane Intersection

Ray Sphere Intersection

Ray Triangle Intersection

Ray Trace Java Demo Program

Example and Advantages of Ray Tracing

Acceleration Methods

Bounding Volumes

Spatial Subdivision

Shadow Buffers


Radiosity (2) : Because...

Ray Tracing Vs Radiosity

Radiosity Introduction

Solving the rendering equation

Continuous Radiosity equation

Discrete Radiosity equation

Radiosity OverView Part 1

Radiosity OverView Part 2

Radiosity OverView Part 3

Radiosity OverView Part 4

Radiosity OverView Part 5 : Remarques